A place of hope and possibility, where children and families play, laugh, heal, and thrive.

Have the challenges of ADD, ADHD, OCD, Autism, PTSD, defiance, lying, nightmares, temper tantrums, stealing, depression, school challenges, social problems, sibling rivalry, aggression, anxiety... taken a toll on you, your child, and, your family?

What if it could be easier? We are here to help you regain peace in your home. Our services include family therapy, play therapy, individual therapy, marital counseling, parenting groups, social skills groups, as well as other groups, workshops, and classes.

Welcome to the Child & Family Play Therapy Center, a space for kids who need help and for their parents!

"I have a whole different way of thinking about my son's difficult behaviors and responses to different situations. I can understand and relate to my son now without getting upset"
~ Mother of a 5 year old
"I want to come here every day. I like this place. I like you too. I feel happy here..."
~ 8 year old boy during his first session.
"People don't come with an instruction manual. I wanted tools; you gave me some. I have used them and they work!"
~ Mother who participated in family play therapy sessions.
"I'm not leaving... Daddy, I live here. You do too!"
~ 5 year old boy to his father at the end of their family play therapy session.


Child and Family Play Therapy Center
Houston, Texas ~ 303-467-2228


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